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Unformatted text preview: HW-CH139th Edition CH13 Problems: 28, 59, 61, 71, 808th Edition CH13 Problems: 26, 59, 63, 90, 9928.Assume a planet is a uniform sphere of radiusR that (somehow) has a narrow radial tunnelthrough its center (Fig. 13-8). Also assume wecan position an apple anywhere along the tunnelor outside the sphere. LetFRbe the magnitudeof the gravitational force on the apple when itis located at the planet&s surface. How far fromthe surface is there a point where the magnitudeof the gravitational force on the apple is12FRifwe move the apple (a) away from the planet and(b) into the tunnel?59.Three identical stars of mass M form an equi-lateral triangle that rotates around the trian-gle&s center as the stars move in a common circleabout that center. The triangle has edge lengthL. What is the speed of the stars?61.(a) At what height above Earth&s surface is theenergy required to lift a satellite to that heightequal to the kinetic energy required for the satel-lite to be in orbit at that height? (b) For greaterlite to be in orbit at that height?...
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