HW-Ch15 - HW-CH15 9th Edition CH15 Problems: 16, 40, 61,...

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Unformatted text preview: HW-CH15 9th Edition CH15 Problems: 16, 40, 61, 70, 100 8th Edition CH15 Problems: 18, 44, 61, 84, 106 16. Two particles execute simple harmonic motion of the same amplitude and frequency along close parallel lines. They pass each other moving in opposite directions each time their displacement is half their amplitude. What is their phase difference? 40. A physical pendulum consists of a meter stick that is pivoted at a small hole drilled through the stick a distance d from the 50 cm mark. The period of oscillation is 2.5 s. Find d. 61. For Eq. 15-45, suppose the amplitude xm is given by 100. In Fig.15-60, a solid cylinder attached to a horizontal spring(k= 3.00 N/m) rolls without slipping along a horizontal surface. If the system is released from rest when the spring is stretched Fm ; xm = by 0.250 m, ...nd (a) the translational kinetic en2 (! 2 2 )2 + b2 ! 2 ]1=2 [m d ! d ergy and (b) the rotational kinetic energy of the cylinder as it passes through the equilibrium powhere Fm is the (constant) amplitude of the exsition.(c) Show that under these conditions the ternal oscillating force exerted on the spring by cylinder' center of mass executes simple hars the rigid support in Fig. 15-15. At resonance, monic motion with period what are the (a) amplitude and (b) velocity amr plitude of the oscillating object? 3M T =2 ; 2k where M is the cylinder mass. (Hint: Find the time derivative of the total mechanical energy.) and radius R, what is the angular frequency ! of small oscillations of this system in term of m; R; r. and the spring constant k? What is ! if (b) r = R and (c) r = 0? 70. A wheel is free to rotate about its ...xed axle. A spring is attached to one of its spokes a distance r from the axle, as shown in Fig. 15-52. (a) Assuming that the wheel is a hoop of mass m 1 ...
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