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Unformatted text preview: HW-CH16 9th Edition CH16 Problems: 25, 31, 46, 83 8th Edition CH16 Problems: 25, 31, 42, 69 25. A uniform rope of mass m and length L hangs from a ceiling. (a) Show that the speed of a transverse wave on the rope is a function of y, the p distance from the lower end, and is given by = gy. (b) Show that the time ptransverse wave takes to travel the length of the rope is given by a t = 2 L=g. 31. Two identical traveling waves, moving in the same direction, are out of phase by =2 rad. What is the amplitude of the resultant wave in terms of the common amplitude ym of the two combining waves? 46. String A is stretched between two clamps separated by distance L. String B, with the same linear density and under the same tension as string A, is stretched between two clamps separated by distance 4L. Consider the ...rst eight harmonics of string B. For which of these eight harmonics of B (if any) does the frequency match the frequency of (a) A' ...rst harmonic, s (b) A' second harmonic, and (c) A' third harmonic? s s 83. A sinusoidal transverse wave of amplitude ym and wavelength travels on a stretched cord. (a) Find the ratio of the maximum particle speed (the speed with which a single particle in the cord moves transverse to the wave) to the wave speed. (b) Does this ratio depend on the material of which the cord is made? 1 ...
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