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HW-Ch17 - HW-CH17 9th Edition CH17 Problems 20 28 52 64 102...

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HW-CH17 9th Edition CH17 Problems: 20, 28, 52, 64, 102 8th Edition CH17 Problems: 22, 26, 52, 62, 106 20. Figure 17-38 shows four isotropic point sources of sound that are uniformly spaced on an x axis. The sources emit sound at the same wavelength ° and the same amplitude s m , and they emit in phase. A point P is shown on the x axis. Assume that as the sound waves travel to P , the decrease in their amplitudes is negligible, What multiple of s m is the amplitude of the net wave at P if distance d in the °gure is (a) °= 4 , (b) °= 2 , and (c) ° ? 28. Two sounds di/er in sound level by 1.00 dB. What is the ratio of the greater intensity to the smaller intensity? 52. A tuning fork of unknown frequency makes 3.00 beats per second with a standard fork of fre- quency 384 Hz. The beat frequency decreases when a small piece of wax is put on a prong of the °rst fork. What is the frequency of this fork? 64. A stationary detector measures the frequency of
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