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Unformatted text preview: HW-CH18 9th Edition CH18 Problems: 15, 44, 63, 69 8th Edition CH18 Problems: 17, 46, 61, 95 15. A steel rod is 3.00 cm in diameter at 25.00 o C. A brass ring has an interior diameter of 2.992 cm at 25.00 o C. At what common temperature will the ring just slide onto the rod? 44. A thermodynamic system is taken from state A to state B to state C, and then back to A, as shown in the p-V diagram of Fig.18-39a. The 69. Figure 18-57 displays a closed cycle for a gas. The change in internal energy along path ca is vertical scale is set by ps = 40 Pa, and the hori160J. The energy transferred to the gas as heat is zontal scale is set by Vs = 4.0 m3 . (a)-(g) Com200J along path ab, and 40J along path bc. How plete the table in Fig. 18-39b by inserting a plus much work is done by the gas along (a) path abc sign, a minus sign, or a zero in each indicated and (b) path ab? cell. (h) What is the net work done by the system as it moves once through the cycle ABCA? 63. Figure 18-47 shows (in cross section) a wall consisting of four layers, with thermal conductivities k1 = 0:060W=m K, k3 = 0:040W=m K, and k4 = 0:120W=m K (k2 is unknown). The layer thicknesses are L1 = 1.5 cm, L3 = 2.8 cm, and L4 = 3.5 cm (L2 is unknown). The known temperatures are T1 = 30 o C, T12 = 25 o C, and T4 = -10o C. Energy transfer through the wall is steady. What is interface temperature T34 ? 1 ...
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