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Kardell Employees (The Union) – Stakeholder Presentations Employee #1 - Thank you for taking the time to hear our side of this delicate issue regarding the questionable sonox chemical. The union is making a few requests on behalf of the employees regarding the possible unknown damage that could be caused. Keeping in mind that we do not want to close down the factory or reduce production we are proposing a few adjustments to help make the current working condition better for all. Also we want to request an adjustment to our health care benefit. We feel that since it is unclear the true hazards of this chemical we would like to request that Kardell install a clean air purifier/ventilation system in the building. This will give the employees a sense you value them and are concerned about there well being now and in the future. A review of the current insurance coverage is also an area of concern with the employees, as they are concerned that this chemical can cause a long term health issue
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