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MIS 3360 Spring 11 Syllabus

MIS 3360 Spring 11 Syllabus - MIS 3360 Systems Analysis and...

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MIS 3360: Systems Analysis and Design Spring 2011: MW Professor: L. Silva Office : 280F E-mail: [email protected] Office Hours By appointment. Course Focus This course has as its main objective the appreciation and learning of the concepts, methodologies, techniques, tools and perspectives that are fundamental for analyzing and designing computerized information systems. The course has an emphasis on organizations given that effective analysts require a clear understanding of organizations, both their structures and culture, as well as the way they operate. During the course we will emphasize the practice of the techniques and concepts learned from the book and lectures through in class group exercises. Given the relevance of the Internet and networked information systems, in this course we will cover emerging methodologies and techniques such as rapid prototyping and agile methodologies. To be successful, systems analysts require not only knowledge regarding the techniques and skills for design, but also they have to be effective project managers. Hence, we will emphasize key aspects of managing information systems projects. Required Textbook Hoffer, Jeffrey A., George, Joey F., Valacich, Joseph S. Modern Systems Analysis and Design, Sixth Edition, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2010 Course Evaluation The grades will be posted through the Blackboard Vista system. Regular Credit: (60%) (40%) Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Exam 3 20% In Class Exercises Median Adjustment: If the median for an exam less than 80, an adjustment will be made to achieve a 80 median. This adjustment does NOT apply to make-up exams or to group work assignments.
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