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Ginn 1 Olivia Ginn Professor Don Bruce English 111 26 January 2011 “A Dog’s Strength” Everyday in this country, many animals are being abused. This is not only in a lab somewhere or in a puppy mill because animal abuse happens in our own neighborhoods as well. It happens so much that television producers have created reality shows about animal abuse and the few stories that are picked are enough to fill up an hour long show. That makes me think about all the stories out there that are untold. The story that is happening right now at the house next door, or the story that could possibly be happening at the farm down the road. Animal abuse is more common than most people think. I thought it was something that only happened on the television shows or in the news, until it happened in my own home one day. I had just bought a beagle puppy and I had named him Vito. Like normal puppies, he was difficult to train at first. My husband had previously worked with professionally trained dogs and he didn’t understand why Vito was being so reluctant to obey. One summer day after we had Vito for a few weeks I was in the kitchen cleaning and my husband was outside with Vito. A moment later I heard the door open and out of the corner of my eye I saw my husband throw Vito across the living room at the metal dog crate. I instantly lost my breath and couldn’t believe what I saw. As I ran over to Vito my husband was trying to keep me away and started making excuses for what happened saying that he didn’t throw Vito that hard. I ignored him and ran to Vito who was lying on his side lifeless. His eyes were closed like he was sleeping and his mouth was slightly open with blood trickling out onto the floor. The most horrifying sound I had ever
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heard was when Vito let out a gargling sound that sounded like he had exhaled for the last time. I thought Vito had died and burst into tears. Next thing I knew I was driving my car as fast as I possibly could through a residential
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This note was uploaded on 05/14/2011 for the course ENG 111 taught by Professor Donbruce during the Winter '11 term at Columbus State Community College.

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Ginn.Olivia_Essay#1 - Ginn 1 Olivia Ginn Professor Don...

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