AvidDV - Avid DV Xpress Power Up Our Avid DV Xpress system...

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1 Avid DV Xpress Power Up Our Avid DV Xpress system consists of the following items: 1) IBM PIII 733 MHZ Intellistation with 256 MB RAM; 2) Two Medea 4/120 GB Drives; 3) Sony Analog-DV Transcoder; 4) Sony 14" NTSC Monitor; 5) two IBM Trinitron 21" Monitors ; 6) Mackie 1402 Audio Mixer; 7) two Roland Power Speakers ; 8) Yamaha CD Writer; and 9) Sony UVW-1800 Beta Deck. Underneath the Table 1. Turn on the white Power Strip underneath table . This will activate both MEDEA DRIVES . (Green & Blue Lights come on drives). Wait for the Medea Drive lights to stop blinking before turning on PC. NEVER TOUCH THE MEDEA DRIVES !!! 2. Turn on INTELLISTATION TOWER by pressing the black plastic button on the top right corner of tower. (Green Light comes on. ....It will now take about 2 minutes for the PC to boot up, so while you're waiting) . On the Table Top 3. Power on both IBM 27" Monitors by pressing in each large black button at far right of each monitor. 4. Power on the silver Sony Transcoder Box to right of mixer and punch in "DV IN" . (Green light on) . 5. Power on the Sony 14" NTSC Monitor and switch the Video Input to "A" for "Avid" . ("B" is for "Beta") . 6. Power on Audio Mixer by flicking up the black larger toggle switch at right rear of mixer. (Red Power Light on) . 7. Power on Roland Speakers by pushing in "Power" button on the right side speaker. (Red light on) . 8. On the right speaker, put: MIC = turned off at 6 o'clock BASS = 12 o'clock TREBLE = 2 o'clock VOLUME = 10 o'clock TO BOOT UP AVID SOFTWARE 1. Press Ctrl + Alt + Del on keyboard to boot up. (Drag window over from center of screen to read) . 2. Click "OK" on gray window . (Drag window over from center of screen to read) . 3. Click "OK" on LOGON Window. (No Password) (Drag window over from center of screen to read) . [It will now take approximately 1 minute for the Avid Software to go through its setup procedure and checks, so while you're waiting, go ahead and use the time to normalize the Mackie Audio Mixer] NORMALIZE MACKIE 1402 AUDIO MIXER 1. Make sure Red Power Light is on. Make sure Gray Button at the center rear of the mixer is punched out with white stripe showing. 2. Starting at the top of the mixer, punch out all six GRAY LOW CUT buttons. (Highest profile position) . 3. Turn the first four BLACK TRIM POTS left to the "U" (Unity) position. 4. Turn the two BLACK TRIM POTS for CH #5 and CH #6 straight up to 12 o'clock. 5. Turn all BLACK AUX and EFX POTS all the way left (Off). 6. Turn all BLUE EQ POTS straight up to the "U" (Flat) position. (No EQ) . 7. Punch out all GRAY MUTE buttons. (Up position) 8. Punch out all ten GRAY SOLO buttons (Solo Off). (Up position). 9.
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This note was uploaded on 05/16/2011 for the course DMA 320 taught by Professor Georgevinovich during the Spring '11 term at CSU Dominguez Hills.

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AvidDV - Avid DV Xpress Power Up Our Avid DV Xpress system...

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