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Unformatted text preview: CASTING NOTICE FORM ' BACKSTAGE geese 0 'lhe casting deadline is MONDAY at 6 pm for the issue which 0 N0 FEES/DUES may be required ofaetors/crew re5ponding to hits nemstands on Thursday. a free Boat Stage West casting notice. 0 Casting notices are FREE OFCIMRGE. o Renewals are printed on a space-availability basis and must be 0 All notices MUST contain the full name of an individual direct- requested before ”Ch deadline. Renewals are NOT guaranteed, 1y involved with the project as well as a contact phone number ° Back Stage West reserves the right to refuse to print any cast- for office use only and state whether there is pay. ing notice. - If there is nudity in the project, it MUST also be stated. And all - For more infonnafion, call Casting Editor Behnoosh Khalili at roles requiring nudity MUST receive pay in order to be printed. (323) 525—2358. Business hours are 10 arm-6 p.rrL, Mon-Fri. J THIS SECTION MUST BE COMPLETED FOR NOTICE TO RUN (NOT FOR PUBLICATION) Contact Phone: W Address: W FOR ALL NOTICES Title of production: Is it union or non-union?___a Produoerz‘= If union, what contract? a Directoc“ Is there pay? Rh Writer: Is there WNWM Description of production: W Contact number (to appear in notice): W Are you affiliated with any acting school or other industry service? (Ayes response will not disqualify notice from publiation): ‘ “ musthaveat leastone person's name: produceror director FOR STAGE NOTICES 0N LY: Rehearsal dates: Theatre name, location, and phone number (REQUIRED): W FOR FILM/TV NOTICES (INDEPENDENT, STUDENT, AND COMMERCIALS): Super 8/16mm/35mm/video?: W or color?: Performance run: Shoot dates: Location: COP??._____ Meals?______________ Credit? FOR STUDENT NOTICES: School Undergrad/Grad? Dialogue? IF CURRENTLY HOLDING AUDITIONS:* Dates, times, and locations: By appointmentP: If yes, number to call for appt: What to prepare/bring: * non-union auditions listed may not be held at a private residence. IF ONLY ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS: Address for submissions: Deadline for submissions: BREAKDOWN: it play is well known, are all roles open?: Specific breakdown of CHARACTERS by role/specific list of CREW positions needed (ATTACH EXTRA PAGE IF NECESSARY): w Back Stage West Casting 0 5055 “filshire Blvd. 0 Los Angeles, CA 90036 ' (323) 525—2358 0 fax: (323) 965-1340 e-mail: [email protected] Rm (‘nmmlmimtions ...
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