DMA323-Syllabus - DMA 323 TV Crew Production (TTh 1-3:30pm...

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DMA 323 OFFICE HOURS TV Crew Production (TTh 1-3:30pm Dr. George Vinovich, Professor of Television/Film TTH 12:00-1:00 PM LCH A215 (310) 243-3945 TTH 3:00-4:00 PM COURSE OBJECTIVE : participation in a variety of crew assignments on production projects in the studio and on location. The purpose of the course is to give students hands-on training experiences in a variety of production situations such as one-on-one lab sessions, classmates’ production projects, advanced students’ production projects, TV industry tapings, workshops, seminars, trade show conventions, and media festivals. Each student submits a typed Crew Participation Report at the end of the semester which summarizes and evaluates his or her crew activity for the semester . Co-requisite: Concurrent enrollment in DMA 320 or DMA 322. TEXT: Vinovich, Avid System Editing Manual Vinovich, EFP System Manual MATERIALS: (See Materials List for co-requisite DMA 320/322 syllabus) MODE OF OPERATION : Since the majority of one-on-one lab tutorials and crew participation opportunities will take place outside of normal class hours, it is to the advantage of each student to be available for a wide range of work time possibilities. Most activities often involve crewing on Fridays, weekends, and evenings. APPROVED CREW ACTIVITIES : All activities for inclusion in a student’s Crew Participation Report must first be approved by the instructor. The following activities can be included in the Crew Participation Report: 1) One-on-one lab sessions; 2) Classmates’ production projects; 3) Advanced students’ productions such as Drama, Music Video, and Documentary projects; 4) attendance at *instructor approved industry seminars, workshops, screenings, trade show conventions, and TV show tapings/filmings. GRADING CRITERIA
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DMA323-Syllabus - DMA 323 TV Crew Production (TTh 1-3:30pm...

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