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DMA 323 CREW PARTICIPATION REPORT FORMAT In addition to filling in the boxes on the DMA 323 Crew Participation grid sheet, students must also complete a narrative description for each activity they have listed within a box on their grid sheet. The main purpose of the narrative Crew Participation Report is for the student to provide a more detailed and self-reflective description of each lab, production shoot, and industry event experienced during the semester. DO NOT submit reports in plastic binders, covers, or sleeves!!! Naked paper and a staple will suffice. To save paper, use no more than an 11pt Font, single spaced with half inch margins top, bottom, left and right. Use this document as a template to type your actual report. All reports are due on the day of the Final Exam. Late reports will be marked down one full grade . For each box you list on your DMA 323 grid sheet, write a descriptive paragraph that addresses the following points : 1) Discuss your punctuality, demeanor, attitude, and professionalism during the activity/experience. 2) Discuss your performance at the assigned task, i.e., how well you performed at the assigned tasks during the activity. 3) Discuss the important things you learned from this activity, including any weaknesses that require improvement. 4) Discuss what the lab instructor or director of the shoot thought of your overall performance and professionalism.
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