24P Cam - Panasonic AG-DVX100 24P Camera CAMERA CASE 1)...

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1 Panasonic AG-DVX100 24P Camera 2/1/11 CAMERA CASE 1) Open the case with the top colored tape showing.; otherwise, it is upside down. 2) Inside the case you will find the following ten items: A) Camera B) Batteries (4) C) AC Adaptor Unit with captive AC cord (black) D) AC Connecting Cable Unit to camera (beige) E) Tripod Mount Plate (for shooting with tripod only!!! When not using dolly/crane system) . F) Remote Control for camera G) Strap for camera 3) Leave the case in this upright position in order to store accessories that are removed from the camera. The top lid of case can be closed at this time to keep out dirt. ON FRONT OF CAMERA 4) Input 1 - switch to “MIC” 5) Input 2 - switch to “MIC” 6) Zoom - switch to “MANUAL” for setting up shots. Switch to “SERVO” for practicing servo zooms. 7) Lens Cap - remove lens cap by squeezing in handles. (Don’t lose lens cap! Store it in camera cut out section inside case). MOUNTING THE BATTERY 8) Lift the viewfinder all the way up. 9) Carefully place the battery (with connector end facing downward) into the compartment directly underneath the gray PUSH button. First push the battery inward to make it flush against the compartment wall and then make sure that the battery’s connector end is aligned with the gold prongs of the camera. Now push the battery downward all the way to make a good connection. (Gold prongs no longer visible) . 10) At Rear of Camera , turn on power by pushing in the white button while pressing the black button up to power “ON”. If the battery is good, the battery icon in the viewfinder will not flash off and on. If the battery icon flashes off and on, then immediately power off the camera and recharge the battery as soon as it is possible to do so. Replace with a charged battery to power on camera. 11) To Remove Battery - press the gray PUSH button while lifting up on the battery itself. WAYS TO SAVE BATTERY POWER 1. Keep the LCD Screen closed (Off) as much as possible. (Use Viewfinder instead) . 2. Refrain from unnecessary “Servo Zooming”. (Switch to “Manual” for adjusting the zoom while setting up shots) . 3. Refrain from playing back tapes to review scenes when shooting on location with battery power. 4. Turn off camera during long breaks in shooting. 5. Turn off camera when practicing mechanical aspects of dolly/crane movement, but power on when it is time to frame your shot.
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2 ON LEFT SIDE OF CAMERA (Outer Controls) 12) Focus - “M” (Allows you to focus manually). (For use on dolly/crane movement shots, you may want to switch to “Infinity” for “zoomed all the way out” wide angle shots. For some dolly/crane shots where manual focus is impossible, you may want to switch to “A” for automatic focusing). 13)
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24P Cam - Panasonic AG-DVX100 24P Camera CAMERA CASE 1)...

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