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DMA325A On-Line Video Editing System 1 Linear Edit System Normalization Source Deck Power On Select “Remote” Character: “Off” TBC/Proc Amp Punch in (“Bypass”) four control buttons (Video, Chroma, Setup, and Hue) so that the green lights are on Later, during System Calibration, when adjusting these settings you will punch out each control button as needed Source Monitor: shows what’s being played on the source deck Power on Punch gray ‘Line’ button to “B” Dead pot the ‘Volume’ (push to the left side) SEG / Edit Controller Power on (if it was on when you came in, turn it off first to reset to default settings) Select “P1” on the ‘B-Buss’ Select “Man” ‘Edit Type’ (pink buttons to the right) Slide fader bar fully down, with red indicator light up next to “B” Set ‘Input Effect’ to “B-Bus” All other settings should be in their default state Status Display (Edit) Monitor: displays edit point information
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DMA325-EditingSystemNormalization - DMA325A On-Line Video...

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