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DMA 325 OFFICE HOURS EFP Videography (TTh 9:30am-12:00pm) Dr. George Vinovich, Professor of Television/Film TTH 12:00-1:00 PM LCH A215 (310) 243-3945 TTH 3:00-4:00 PM COURSE OBJECTIVE : Technical and theoretical aspects of shooting professional-format video on location using electronic field production techniques and equipment. Each student is required to shoot and exhibit a DP Reel containing basic shots, camera movements, and lighting designs in addition to passing the three hands- on Proficiency Exams required for the course . By the end of the course, the student should be proficient in EFP single-camera video system setup, linear and nonlinear editing systems, basic solutions to system trouble shooting, and fundamental techniques of recording EFP video and audio on location. TEXT: Vinovich, Avid System Editing Manual Vinovich, EFP System Manual MATERIALS: (4) Sony Betacam SP Video Tapes (Source Tapes for DP Reel Shooting and Mastering) $12ea (1) VHS T-120 (Window Dub tape for home EDL) $3ea (1) DP Kit (See “DP Kit Materials” List for shooting on location) $40 COURSE CONTENT 1. Betacam System - setup and operation of the pro Betacam system; advanced features such as clear-scan, shutter speeds, camera filters, and related camera menu selection variables. 2. EFP System Peripherals - setup and operation of related EFP gear such as color field monitor, fluid-head tripod, special effects filters, nicad battery packs, and chargers. 3. Single Camera EFP Location Shooting - staging, shot composition, lighting, and directing in the field; continuity shooting for master shot, OS, CU, and cutaway; interview staging, lighting, and directing. 4.
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DMA325-Syllabus - DMA 325 EFP Videography (TTh...

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