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DP Kit Materials - 5 C-47’s for clipping diffusion and...

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DP KIT MATERIALS For each student to be self-sufficient when shooting on location, the following tools and materials are recommended for purchase. These materials should be stored in a light brief case called a “DP Kit”. The student should carry this DP Kit to every class, lab, and production shoot. In this way, the student will always have the necessary tools and materials to handle a wide variety of production needs on just about any location shoot encountered during the program . 1. Walkman Headphones with a stereo 1/8” Mini Plug to monitor audio from the camcorder’s microphone or external lav or boom mic during a production shoot. 2. Leather Work Gloves for handling and adjusting lighting instruments when they are hot during a production shoot. 3. Gaffer’s Tape for securing light cords, labeling batteries, and identifying talent marks (Need 1Roll of Gray/Black/UltimatteBlue/or Digital Green ) . 4. Night Light for testing electrical outlets.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. C-47’s for clipping diffusion and party gels to lighting fixtures (approx 10 traditional wooden style). 6. Rubber Bands for dampened panning and tilting of camera on fluid head tripod. 7. BNC Cable (25ft) for backup in case of cable failure during a location shoot. 8. BNC to RCA Adapter for connecting Mini-DV camcorder to Pro CRT Monitor. 9. Gray 3-Prong to 2-Prong Adaptor for plugging 3-prong grounded plugs into 2-prong AC outlets. 10. Tool Kit for adjusting and tightening the dolly/crane, tripod, and lighting fixtures: a) Adjustable Crescent Wrench b) Needle Nose Pliers c) Phillips Screw Driver d) Slot Screw Driver 11. Tough Frost for diffusion of lights (approx 3 sheets cut into fourths to fit the Lowel Filter Holders). 12. CTB Gels for conversion of tungsten (3200K) to daylight (5600K) (approx 2 sheets of ½ CTB). 13. Party Gels assortment such as red, blue, midnight blue, and bastard amber (approx 1 sheet each)....
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