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DP Shot Checklist 1. Aspect Ratio – first set the aspect ratio for the DVX camcorder to “Squeeze”. Never set this camera to 4x3 or 16x9 aspect ratio. Set the Display function on the camera to 16x9. Set the Sony CRT Monitor switch in the back to 16x9. 2. Scan Mode – shoot ALL footage for a project in either 24P (F5) or 60i (F1). Do not mix progressive with interlace scan modes in a project! 3. Exposure - did I find the threshold of the zebras before setting my f/stop? Does the exposure stay the same throughout the entire zoom, pan, or tilt? Am I making a note of the f/stop I’m using? 4. Critical Focus - did I preset the focus (zoom all the way in) on subject first . ...before zooming out to frame my shot? 5. White in the Shot Composition - do I have white sky, white sidewalk, white wall, or white clothing in my shot? Can it be avoided or removed? Can I tone down a white background with a party gel? 6.
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