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Drama Shoot Checklist - DRAMA SHOOT CHECKLIST(The following...

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Unformatted text preview: DRAMA SHOOT CHECKLIST (The following checklist is based on the most common errors beginning students make when shooting a drama production for the first time. Before rolling tape on a drama shoot, check the following six points to make sure you’re not making one of these easily avoidable “beginner’s errors” which can cost you a lot of extra time and grief in the editing room. Make these checks in addition to the DP Shot Checklist). 1 180 Rule / 4 th Wall- before shooting any part of a particular scene, first establish “the 180 line ” in your mind as the director, and communicate it to the camera operator and the crew. Mark it on the floor even if you have to use gaffer’s tape or objects....just don’t cross the line when shooting the master, OS or CU’s! First, establish a theater audience view of the stage or scene. You can place the camera anywhere that there are theater audience seats (proper 180 hemisphere) , but don’t place the camera anywhere back stage pointing at the audience (the opposite 180 hemisphere) because this will cause the position of each actor to “flip” or switch to the opposite side of the frame on...
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