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Split Edit on Avid (A "Split Edit" is the term we use to refer to an edit in which the audio and video from a clip come in at different points on the Timeline. In other words, we hear the audio of the clip first, then see the accompanying video of the clip later. On typical edits, the audio and video of the clip appear at the exact same time which is referred to as a "guillotine cut" because it is very abrupt and "choppy". Edits can be made smoother and softer by having the new audio and video come in at different times on the timeline by using the "split edit" technique. Split edits can also help you solve “continuity” problems in your editing. 1. Activate the V1 and A2 tracks on the Timeline in order to edit the following two clips of the Paella Sequence together : 2. Call up the “What does cooking” clip onto the Source Screen and mark an IN Point right before the words, “What does cooking ”. Mark only an IN Point in order to make sure that you leave an adequate tail past the words
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