ADR Manual 2009 - ADR Standard Procedure (Revised 3/09)...

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1 ADR Standard Procedure (Revised 3/09) (All personnel performing ADR on DMA projects should follow this prescribed procedure in order to ensure optimum quality of results and to maintain consistency across multiple sessions and projects. Using the prescribed file naming conventions, settings, and equipment setup will facilitate our audio engineers and producers being able to work seamlessly and efficiently on the same ADR project ). Making Loops for ADR using 1. Power up the G4 in the Middle Room. Power up the Mackie Mixer. Power up both speakers. 2. On the Mackie Mixer : Bring up white Fader 13-14 (labeled ProTools) to unity. Adjust the channel’s white Gain Knob to 12 o’clock. Punch in the gray L/R Button. Bring up the Main Mix Master Fader to unity. Under the Control Room Source section, punch in the gray Main Mix Button and adjust the white Control Room Knob to 10 o’clock. 3. Open Public Storage and then open the DMA 346 Spring 09 (Current Semester) folder. Next, go to File , then to New Folder , and name it using the title of the project and type of project: Eg. “Paella_DRAMA” or “Pool Safety_PSA” 4. Create a new folder in the Paella_DRAMA project called “Assets” . 5. Copy your QuickTime file (.mov) to the Assets folder. 6. Launch Pro Tools. Go to File , then to New Session . On the left side of the screen, navigate to Public Storage , then to DMA 346 Spring_09 , and then to Paella_DRAMA . 7. In the New Session Window, name your Pro Tools Session using the title of the project plus ADR. Eg. “Paella_ADR” or “Pool Safety_ADR” 8. Choose the following Session Parameter settings: .aiff, 48k, and 16-bit . Make sure the I/O settings option stays at “Last Used” . Hit Save . 9. With Pro Tools open, go to File, Import, Video , and then click on Public Storage, DMA 346 Spring_09 . Next, click on Assets and then your .mov file . Hit Open . 10. Video Import Ops : Session start, make sure “Import Audio from File” is checked, then OK . 11. With a “Choose a Folder ” on: Just click Choose . 12. On the Edit Window in the Track Column to the left, double click on the track name. A dialog box will appear. Rename this track “Paella ORIGINAL” and press OK . Next, rename your audio file in the Regions List by clicking on the right hand Chevron Stripes , and then double click on the name. Type in the same name as the track name, “Paella ORIGINAL”. Make sure “name region and disk file” is checked, and press OK . 13. Now you must create the number of tracks you will need according to the number of actors to be looped. You will need two tracks for each actor. In other words, one track for an actor’s LOOPS, and then another track for the actor’s ADR. Go to the Track Menu, and select New . Now under New Tracks, go to Create (and put in number of tracks you need) , then choose mono, Audio Track , and then hit “Create” .
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2 14. In the Track Column to the left, name the Audio 1 track with the Character’s Name + LOOPS
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ADR Manual 2009 - ADR Standard Procedure (Revised 3/09)...

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