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Audio Editing Hand Script

Audio Editing Hand Script - AUDIO EDITING SCRIPT(Sample...

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Unformatted text preview: _ AUDIO EDITING SCRIPT (Sample) “FATE” by Gary Landry MUizc I “ "vied“; Star: ' ..Jlfilifiiflfii_l_l.___—s KEY TEXT -5Fx . FATE: an inevitable “CmpflchcybcaW‘ 79pm)” and often adverse i;0!:fl4:aq outcome, condition, or end. AM i c “oilSZLg FADE IN: N a _ s {I I‘?hb“}mJ“h5“f INT. DICK'S BEDROOM -- NIGHT Iat.2a.13 DICK, a brawny man in his late 30's, is lying on his side in bed, facing the camera. DICK (V.O.] It started out as another one of those ordinary nights; however, this was one night where everything but the ordinary occurred. A hand reaches over DICK'S shoulder, quickly followed by the head of a beautiful woman, revealing BONNIE. BONNIE Dick, do you love me? FQICY DICK sits up, putting his feet on the floor rim:HH&IB by the side of the bed. He runs his hands through his hair. DICK (V.0.) I wanted to tell her that I loved her, like a lollipop loves her lips ... but I ain't nobody's sucker. DICK (looking back at BONNIE} Does midnight love the moon? uM U5}: C n BONNIE Gem‘le 5““ Oh, Dick. Why can't IIBIIETIOG you say it? It would make me so happy to hear you say it. C'mon, baby. Tell me you love me. DICK (V.O.) I was cornered. Trapped. All the pillow talk in the world wouldn't save me this time. Then something out of the ordinary occurred. SFX "Gwvhdfi I! The sound of gun shots and a car crash are (Cvaash heard. DICK darts to the window and looks I siniszai out. BONNIE What's going on? Should I call the police? DICK No cops! Sta here. SFX - y “qwnqfih€n5km' DICK grabs his pistol and loads in the $.09-1711H ammunition. CUT TO: ‘f'MFIHWE EXT. STREET IN FRONT OF DICK'S PLACE. -- G'Ck‘ifi 9"5 W“ MOMENTS LATER Nee‘fh burl-“d lehfl' (vadctu A car is crashed on the sidewalk with TED, Fioq$$|HG the injured driver, inside. Another car is parked on the street with its door open which belongs to HENCHMAN #1, a mob man wearing a suit. HENCHMAN #1 is standing outside the 5%}57 driver's side door of TED's car. HENCHMAN #1 119123;;agreaches into the back seat of TED's car and retrieves a briefcase. DICK exits the front srax of his house moving quickly towards HENCHMAN “ .n #1 while aiming his gun at him. DICK fires (7%.“le his gun twice, hitting HENCHMAN #1 and I‘OZ‘HQ'Ol knocking him to the ground. SFX “ “61.!“ 5416+ Fbleym l:02:5¥:23 MUSIC “Dea+h Kneli" t;03iuli3 Ffiley has; 12:1“! Fulay jiazzsnae HENCHMAN #1 (looking up at DICK who's standing over him) You're . . . you're too late, Dick. We know where you ... ... Bang! DICK fires another shot into HENCHMAN #l's body, killing him. DICK sighs deeply and picks up the briefcase from the ground, placing it on the hood of the car. He pauses for a moment to look at the injured TED sitting in the driver's seat. DICK (somberly) Ted, it wasn't supposed to be like this. TED {coughing and struggling to breathe} Dick, you ... you must keep it safe until ... TED dies. DICK (V.O.) Ted was a good man and didn't deserve to get iced, but good men die fast in this town. DICK takes a quick look around before he opens the briefcase. He takes a long hard look at its contents, and then quickly closes it. He needs a second to compose himself. DICK (V.0.)Cont'd One look in that briefcase and I knew more blood would be spilled before this night was over. DICK walks back towards his place with the briefcase in hand. DICK (V.O.)Cont’d I knew what had to be done. ...
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