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Extracted ADR Lines

Extracted ADR Lines - Character LUPE Naming convention...

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Extracted ADR Lines by Character Character: ALBERT Naming convention “Albert_01” Albert_01_Lupe we_CUT Lupe, we have to get Mr. Stonehill interested in Mrs. Stonehill Albert_02_What does_CUT What does cooking have to do with procreation? Albert_03_Are you_CUT Are you suggesting this fishy concoction is an aphrodisiac? Albert_04_Lupe aphro_CUT Lupe, aphrodisiacs are merely old wives tales. Albert_05_No no_CUT No, No I’m sorry. We’re not interested. Albert_06_That really_CUT That really doesn’t. ... Albert_07_Still_CUT Still. .... Albert_08_Good lord_CUT Good lord. Are there any fish left in that part of the world? Albert_09_You’ve made_CUT You’ve made your point. You’ve convinced me. Albert_10_Mobilize_CUT Mobilize the paella. I’ll go find Mr. Stonehill.
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Unformatted text preview: Character: LUPE Naming convention “Lupe_01” Lupe_01_That’s why_CUT That’s why I’m making paella. Lupe_02_In Mexico_CUT In Mexico, when a man has this problem - which is very, very rare. ... Lupe_03_We feed_CUT we feed him paella. Lupe_04_It always_CUT It always works. Lupe_05_But they were_CUT But they were happy old wives. Lupe_06_Albert my_CUT Albert. My mother gave me this recipe. Lupe_07_It must_CUT It must work. There were seven kids in my family. Lupe_08_And she got_CUT And she got it from her mother. ..who had twelve children. Lupe_09_And she_CUT And she got it from my great-grandmother who had sixteen children. Lupe_10_The point is_CUT The point is. .......
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