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Marked ADR Script - n4* I T K T HE (Lupe, Albert) LUPE IS...

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Unformatted text preview: n4* I T K T HE (Lupe, Albert) LUPE IS AT STOVE, VIGOROUSLY STIRRING THE CONTENTS OF A LARGE PAN. ALBERT ENTERS. - DAY (CUE MUSIC SCORE #1) FADE IN A‘bflVILI 0-}: LJfi'Ju/e H LUPE . . or. , , (Shake/419215044") «7 We ~ ‘ have to get Mr. Stonehili interested in Mrs. StonehilL _ MI"HMWWMWLWM ,,,,,,,,,,,, H» -. . w.._wmrrnriffiPE I a.“ LUPLOI" TM} W7 {I That's why I'm making paella. Alba”- 02- “WW Git/'6' fl What does cooking have to do with .__fl __wammmmggggreefipo3mm.M”_"Wmmwc“crnm,w»—e~mmm ~WN~M- LUPE ‘ Lu‘Ftfi01_HIH Mew” In Mexico, when a man has this problem -- “mm which is veryI vw}fw?f§éa”fififi”'”'"““'“““””"”“”’ Lupzwfihfi "we ted 5‘ Paella- _ _ w W”me Agatha}; " m5 W." Are you suggesting this fishy concoction is an aphrodi siac? WW_____N_ Wm W" N W "w, _ LUPE Lu W M 0 ‘1‘ w “1+ a M. y} " It alw aE-EQFEELMWMWmum-M ____ ._._.._....‘WWW...“ ALBERT ,..._..,7..._W_.%__%__%__m__fi mutton} __"LVPC‘1PM" Lupe, aphrodisiacs are merely old wives' ~.-~—-'~——— tilfis , 7 w _ . m ‘EUEEW LUV?“- Ug" 4 B” m ‘l "rm F But they were happy old wiles." _ m W WW (THE TELEPHONE RINGS. ALBERT ANSWERS THE PHONE) 7/7/87 12. 'Act I Scene 4 (ALBERT ANSWERS THE PHONE) . ALBERT Prlbcvt 09_ “M: m: " I ’ No . . . . . .No“_mI;Tm§orry. He 're not interested. LUPE WWWWWM 'wwmm" fiance" h.‘..:f.f‘_'_'_h.f:L.m._Nb93‘h._MX_m§h§r gaveemreefllis WEREII“ ‘ Um "0,7. “1+ ms + u must work. There were seven kids in my family. “MEN ALBERT . H, .+_ Ugh“ “. A a» TI" + “My That really $193333}? A ‘____.,M__-mm.h,..... ______"_“....‘.‘,‘,...\,....‘.‘,.._..,.,____..,_,__‘...._....._‘ ....‘ .---» - -‘* —'" ' ' LU)” C38) MA 5;! T, r“ 'And she got it from her mother... who had _ WWW * _ _ _ mm“ wamww AIM 07 15% up; _ ALBERT __ ' Sun M W 7 LvPcwfl‘L “Am! jhe “ And she got it from my great-grandmother who had sixteen children. ALBERT . I ‘\ - I h pigburtosm Gm] [mi N Good lord Are there any fish left In t at part of the world?” .Me‘ .-.._,..._._.... ‘...M..‘...w‘.u-‘——‘— L‘JFE— “7371‘- fflh} '5 The point is... _ ,_._,._._._..____mwm_m__7~ __ EEARTMWW m {M f_ (36;;- Wvgwc Mole“ You've made your point. You'vghgonvinced mm W .WWMobilize the paella. I'll go find Mr. AEbsr‘LJCL ‘mm’n'zc *1 Stone-hag}. (CUE MUSIC gCORE. FADE OUT.) M _‘_—‘-.u.ww” (CUT T03 Mme -—-.——————«....\ 7/7/87 13. ’Act I Scene 4 ...
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Marked ADR Script - n4* I T K T HE (Lupe, Albert) LUPE IS...

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