Drama Report - Drama Project Report Each co-producer of the...

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Drama Project Report Each co-producer of the Drama Project team is required to submit a separate Drama Project Report typed in this format. DO NOT submit reports in plastic binders, covers, or sleeves!!! Naked paper and a staple will suffice. To save paper, use no more than an 11pt Font, single spaced with half inch margins top, bottom, left and right. Use this document as a template to type your actual report. Describe your role in each of the following aspects of the project. Rather than providing just a list of events, you should include a narrative description of each event . Make sure you list the date, time, and hours for each event and then the sum Total Hours for each of the following headings below: 1. Project Concept - discuss your input in the original idea/development of the project concept. (List Total Sum) . 2. Writing - discuss your involvement in the writing of the script/screenplay for the Drama Project. (List Total Sum) . 3. Pre-Production Coordination - list the dates, times, and hours you spent on the following pre-production activities: (Make sure to list a Total Sum for all Pre-Production hours) . A) Casting or Pre-Interviewing Talent - B) Location Scouting or Location Clearances - C) Facilities, Equipment, or Crew Scheduling - D) Craft Services (food), Lodging, or Transportation Arrangements - 4. Production - list the dates, times, and hours for each location shoot along with the function that you, your co- producers, and each crew member performed. (List a Total Sum for all Production hours on the project) . Wed July 14 th “Beach Scene Shoot “ (8am-6pm) 10hrs Director – Joe Blow Camera – Suzie Q Boom – Bob Blow Grips – Tom Blow, Jane Doe We arrived at the location 2 hours before the talent in order to set up our gear and dress the set. Suzie was supposed to bring the props, but forgot to load them in the car. We had to send Tom to pick them up which delayed our lighting setup, so when the talent arrived, we were not ready and the talent had to wait. This made us look kind of unprofessional, but we were able to start shooting by 11am after schmoozing the talent and keeping her comfortable. On our first take, the camera…………
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Drama Report - Drama Project Report Each co-producer of the...

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