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Audio Editing Hit List

Audio Editing Hit List - DMA 346 Project Management...

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Unformatted text preview: DMA 346 Project Management Document- Audio Editing Script Audio Productioin Project Title IN: 1;01;12;03 1;01;14;09 1;01;22;13 Audio Production Type Choose below OUT: Line/Description sfx, "Computer Keyboard Typing" Ambiance, Neighborhood "Crickets Night" 1;01;41;18 1;02;18;22 1;02;27;14 1;02;31;16 sfx, Gun Shots/Car Crash sfx, Ammunition Slam Ambiance, "Crickets, Dog Bark Neighborhood Night" (Louder) 1;02;36;09 1;02;42;02 1;02;49;19 1;02;54;23 sfx, Gun Shot sfx, Gun Shot 1;03;11;13 1;03;22;14 1;03;31;16 Foley Foley ...
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