DMA346-Syllabus - DMA 346 Dr. George Vinovich, Professor of...

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DMA 346 OFFICE HOURS Digital Media Production Workshop (Wed 11:30 - 12:45) TTH 12:00-1:00 PM Dr. George Vinovich, Professor of Television/Film TTH 3:00-4:00 PM LCH A215 (310) 243-3945 COURSE OBJECTIVE : To facilitate collaborative production experience on various projects in the DMA (Digital Media Arts) curriculum such as television productions, music videos, web page authoring, interactive media, music compositions and recordings, theatre performances, dance recitals, and animated/graphic arts productions. The basic goal of the course is for students within a particular specialty to supply their expertise on a collaborative project with students outside of their specialty. This more accurately represents the collaborative nature of professional work in the digital media industry by teaching students how to work cohesively and effectively on a client’s project instead of just their own personal projects. For example: Audio Recording Students can perform: 1) Digital Audio Editing of pre-recorded music to loop or time-conform music to a video spot. 2) ADR (Automated Dialogue Replacement) to re-record actors’ dialogue in studio to replace the dialogue recorded on a noisy location. 3) Foley to create, record, or lock-up incidental sound effects to video such as footsteps, punching, kissing, door locks, horse galloping, gunshots, etc. 4) Ambient/Wild Sound Track Loops for video scenes that take place in a particular environment such as the beach, downtown, forest, party, jungle, sports event, battle, snowstorm, driving car interior, airliner interior, etc. 5) Original Studio Recording of a song for a band or an instrumental track for a music video, theatre performance, dance recital, or graduation ceremony, etc. Music Technology Students can: 1) Compose, Arrange, and MIDI Orchestrate Music Scores for PSA spots, drama productions, documentary, or live theatre performances and dance recitals. 2) Web Page Design
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DMA346-Syllabus - DMA 346 Dr. George Vinovich, Professor of...

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