DMA 346 Final Report Audio Music June 23

DMA 346 Final Report Audio Music June 23 - DMA 346...

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DMA 346 Audio/Music Report Format Each member of the DMA 346 sound design team is required to submit a separate report typed in this specific format. DO NOT submit reports in plastic binders, covers, or sleeves!!! Naked paper and a staple will suffice. To save paper, use no more than an 11pt Font, single spaced with half inch margins top, bottom, left and right. Use this document as a template to type your actual report. For each project you worked on this semester, supply the following information : 1. List the name of the project and the producer(s). e g. “Gun Safety PSA” Joe Blow 2. List the functions/services you performed on the project (See Course Syllabus for List) . eg. Music Composer/Arranger or Foley/Sound Effects Production/Editing 3. List the dates, times, and hours you worked on this project with a final total. eg. 6/23/10 12:00pm – 7pm (7 hrs) 6/28/10 10:00am – 3pm (5 hrs) 7/12/10 11:00pm – 5am (6 hrs) Total = (18 Total Hours) 4. Explain in detail the process, software, and equipment you used to perform the work on project. eg. I started out with a Quicktime window burn of Joe’s PSA which I used at home on my G5 with ProTools to play alongside my musical composition that was arranged using a Roland keyboard looped through a Sound Canvas sequencer with MIDI interface, etc. For changes he wanted, we went to the Middle Room and made changes in the instrumentation using the MOTU Symphonic Collection………(get the idea?. ..... continue on in detail). 5. Assess the interpersonal dynamics of your working relationship with each of the producers. eg. The producer originally wanted a sentimental theme for this segment, but since the client is not a musician, he had difficulty communicating what he wanted. He would say he wanted less of this or that, rather than “lose the brass in the bridge” or “more sustain in the chorus”. When he finally played me samples of similar music from his movie CD’s, I finally understood what he wanted. I merely lifted the instrumentation and arrangement, but changed the melody just enough to be legal. I always remained calm in spite of how frustrating it was to figure out what he wanted…….(get it?.
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DMA 346 Final Report Audio Music June 23 - DMA 346...

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