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Music Composition Release_SR

Music Composition Release_SR - MUSICAL COMPOSITION RELEASE...

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M U S I C A L C O M P O S I T I O N R E L E A S E I ________________________________, composer of the musical composition titled: (Composer’s Name) ______________________________________________________________________ (Title of Musical Composition) hereby grant permission to _________________________________________________, (Producers of the Student TV Project) to use the aforementioned musical composition only in the Student TV Project titled: ______________________________________________________________________ (Title of Student TV Project) *(It is understood that as composer of this musical composition, I will maintain my copyright to this musical composition and that use of this musical composition in any other media production project will require a separate Musical Composition Release signed by me (and possibly the publishers of this musical composition, if any) in order to grant permission to the aforementioned producer/owner and/or any other producers). I hereby waive any right to the payment of royalties or other remuneration to me for use of the aforementioned musical composition
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