PSA Crew Assignments Summer 10

PSA Crew Assignments Summer 10 - Ambience Patricia Voltaire...

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DMA 346 Summer 2010 (“10” PSA projects) Say No To Pot (Bart Miller & Howard Kan) Music Lift - Omar Spivey ADR - Mike Eckes VO - Kris Kirk SFX - Jose Cardoza PFLAG Music Lift - Randy Carpio ADR - Corey Ezaki VO - Robert Morris SFX - Angelica Garduno Choir - Angelica Garduno, Robert Morris, Randy Carpio Say No To SexTing Music Lift - Lionel Reyes VO - Cris Padilla Thought Bubbles - Ricardo Ruiz Stress Mangement Music Lift - Anthony DeStevens VO - Ronald Estrada Thought Bubbles - David Phou ADR - Michael Porter SFX - Lauren Johnson He Gave Me HIV Music Lift/2 - John Lopez, Julio Arvizu VO - John Lopez, Julio Arvizu, Patricia Voltaire
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Unformatted text preview: Ambience - Patricia Voltaire ID Theft (Hector Del Pino) Music Lift - Brian Koup VO - Justin Kozonis Ambience - Julio Gutierrez ADR – Roman Begelfer FIFA World Cup (Jesus Saucedo & Rameal Zoobalan) Music Lift – Efren Vazquez VO - Ricardo Ruiz, Jeremiah Awad SFX - Cris Padilla, Jeremiah Awad Drunk Driving (Evan Grant) Music Lift – Shane Mayer VO- Aurelio Paredes Thought Bubble - Eddie Mallick Bar Ambience - Jesse Zelaya ADR – Ro-Woon Lee Pet Adoption (Brian Aguilar) Music Lift – Josh McKendry VO - Kristen Smith Fight Ambience – Joslynn Brown Dog Foley - Kristen Smith Family Watchdog (Pete Harrsch & Randy Ray) Music - Robert Morris ADR – Roman Begelfer, Britney Souza Ambience - Anthony Thrasher...
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PSA Crew Assignments Summer 10 - Ambience Patricia Voltaire...

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