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Music Video Production Critique 2 = Totally Awesome! STRENGTHS 1 = Definite Strength ____1. Good concept: Creative choice of material for audience enjoyment and high “entertainment value”. ____2. Creative stage design, art direction, and costuming contributed to high “production value”. ____3. Good casting enhanced the production (you chose the right performers/dancers/actors for the parts). ____4. Well-organized, practical script for student production crew capabilities and class time limitations. ____5. Well-written script makes its point in clear, concise imagery and action that is easily understood by audience. ____6. Well-paced script tells the story efficiently with no “slow” parts. ____7. Good picture quality - lighting, exposure, color balance give footage a professional look, (looks like “real TV”). ____8. Good shot composition and staging - framing/design of shots reflect professional expertise and aesthetic taste. ____9. Variety of shots - use of different camera angles (low, overhead) and shots (XCU, CU, OS, LS) kept it interesting. ____10. Camera movement (zooms, pans, tilts, dollies) were fluid, steady, and appropriate in enhancing the music video. ____11. Well-timed cuts and fluid continuity make the editing virtually unnoticeable to the audience, (seamless edits). ____12. Maintenance of consistent proc amp settings (luminance, pedestal, tint, chroma) kept shots properly matched.
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