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DMA495-MusicVideoProjectReport - Music Video Project Report...

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Music Video Project Report When submitting the master tape of the Music Video production for final evaluation, each co-producer must simultaneously submit a separate Music Video Project Report typed in this format in order to receive a grade for the production. The quality of your report is crucial to the final grade assigned to you for the production project. As such: 1) following the directions as listed on this sheet; 2) using proper grammar and spelling; and 3) providing detailed, pertinent, accurate, and honest evaluation of your work are important criteria that will significantly affect the grade assigned to you for this production. Therefore, please take your report and its presentation very seriously! 1. ORIGINAL PROJECT CONCEPT - discuss your input in the original concept and selection of this artist and song for the Music Video project. 2. PROJECT DEVELOPMENT - discuss your involvement in the creative development of the project’s staging, locations, choreography, and shot selection. List dates, times, and hours.
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