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DMA495-PreProductionReport - 1 2 DOCUMENTARY PRE-PRODUCTION...

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Unformatted text preview: 1. 2. DOCUMENTARY PRE-PRODUCTION REPORT Program Summary - write a brief synopsis of your program’s content similar to the type of program description you would read in a TV Guide listing. Bibliography - list at least "5" published sources of information that you used in the research of your program topic. This can include books, magazine and newspaper articles, films and other video programs, or published pamphlets from an organization itself. Major Points - list "5" major points you wish to impress upon the TV audience with your program. in other words, what should your audience know after watching this program? Source Credibility - list the 1) name, 2) title, and 3) phone number of at least "5" individuals who will provide source credibility for your documentary by appearing in "on camera" interviews in your program. Pre-lnterviews - list the date and time span of pre-interviews you have conducted with the individuals who will be appearing on camera in your documentary. (Indicate whether the pre- interview was done by telephone or in person). Program Highlights - describe what you feel will be the best parts of your documentary program such as the most exciting, emotional, inspiring, controversial, humorous, thought provoking, or simply the most sensational interview or best looking video scenes. In other words, project what parts of your documentary you feel would be included in a promotional ad to interest television viewers in watching your program. Major Locations (Clearances) - list at least "5" major locations AT WHICH you will be shooting. Include either 1) a copy of the letter you wrote to secure permission to shoot at each location, or 2) a copy of the location clearance itself that you have already secured to shoot at each location. Location Scouting - list the date and time span of each visit you have made to your major locations to plan lighting, staging, shot composition, and production strategy. ...
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