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DMA 499 Final Report Format Each member of the project team is required to submit a separate Final Report typed in this format. DO NOT submit reports in plastic binders, covers, or sleeves!!! Naked paper and a staple will suffice. To save paper, use no more than an 11pt Font, single spaced with half inch margins top, bottom, left and right. Use this document as a template to type your actual report. Rather than providing just a list of events, you should include a narrative description of each event . Describe your role in each of the following aspects. Make sure you list dates, times, and total hours for each aspect: 1. Project Concept - discuss your input in the original idea and development of the concept. (List Total Sum) . 2. Writing - discuss your involvement in the overall design or writing of the project. (List Total Sum) . 3. Pre-Production Coordination - list the dates, times, and hours you spent on the following pre-production activities: (Make sure to list a Total Sum for all Pre-Production hours)
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