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Algebra I – What’s on the final?? FREE RESPONSE Graph and absolute value function using a table Graph a parabola using a table Graph a line in standard form Graph a line in slope-intercept form Graph a line in point slope form Write the equation of a line in point slope and slope intercept from given the graph (question II on the front page of your pink packet) MULTIPLE CHOICE Simplify an expression using the order of operations Plug values into a formula write an expression for a phrase evaluate an expression for given values of a variable Simplify expressions that have exponents in them Use the distributive property Determine the best set of numbers to represent real world things (example rational numbers would best describe the price of a scooter) Solve equations (with variables on BOTH sides. Use the distributive prop) Know what an identity is Know when an equation has no solution Write an equation about a real world situation
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Unformatted text preview: Solve a consecutive odd integers problem Solve an equation with more than one variable Solve and inequality Solve a compound inequality Solve an absolute value inequality (Has a two part answer) Solve an absolute value equation (Has two answers!) Graph inequalities Find a unit rate (cost per oz) Percent problems Theoretical and experimental probability Solve proportions Solve problems about the scale on a map Determine number patterns Find the domain and range of a relation Determine if a relation is a function using a graph or mapping diagram Find the range for a given domain Use function notation to evaluate a function for a given value Find slopes Know properties of vertical and horizontal lines Write the equation of a line given the slope and a point Find the x and y intercepts of an equation in standard form...
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