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Algebra 2010-2011 Mr. Mowen Email: [email protected] Office Phone: 720-561-3335 Office: Room 203 Off periods: 4th, 7th and 8th Supplies: 1. Three ring binder or spiral notebook 2. Plenty of paper including graph paper 3. Pencils (w/erasers) NO PENS! 4. Textbook 5. SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR (I will not have calculators for you to borrow!!!) Electronics: Cell phones, iPods, etc… I don’t want to see them or hear them. Put them in your bags, turn them off, and we won’t have any problems. I have no problem with confiscating these items if they are a distraction in the classroom. Homework/ Class work: This category will account for 20% of your grade. You can expect homework 4 to 5 times a week. Most of the time, the homework will be due at the beginning of the next class. The homework will be graded upon completion and effort (no work and just answers = no points). If you miss class as a result of an excused absence you will be able to make up the homework. The same amount of days you missed, you will have to make up the work (i.e. 2 days absent = 2 days to get
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