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Venn Diagram Practice - students who a went paragliding or...

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PIB Geometry: Venn Diagram Practice (For each problem, complete a Venn diagram before answering the questions.) 1. In a group of 63 students, 22 study Biology, 26 study Chemistry, and 25 study Physics. 18 study both Physics and Chemistry, four study both Biology and Chemistry, and three study both Physics and Biology. One student studies all three subjects. How many students study: a. Biology only? b. Physics or Chemistry? c. Neither Biology nor Chemistry nor Physics? d. Physics, but not Chemistry? 2. 36 students participated in a mid-year adventure trip. 19 students went paragliding, 21 went sailing, and 16 went white water rafting. Seven students did sailing and rafting, eight did paragliding and rafting, and 11 did paragliding and sailing. Five students did all three. Find the number of
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Unformatted text preview: students who: a. went paragliding or sailing. b. went white water rafting only. c. did not participate in any of the activities mentioned. d. did exactly two of the activities mentioned. 3. There were 32 students available for the woodwind section of the school orchestra. 11 students could play the flute, 15 could play the clarinet, and 12 could play the saxophone. Two could lay the flute and saxophone, two could play the flute and the clarinet and six could play the clarinet and the saxophone. One student could play all three instruments. Find the number of students who could play: a. one of the woodwind instruments mentioned. b. only the saxophone. c. the saxophone and clarinet, but not the flute. d. only one of the abovementioned instruments....
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