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Geometry Quiz Name___________________ Complete the following statements with the word always, sometimes, or never to make a true statement. 1. JK and JL are ________________ the same ray. 2. Two skew lines are _____________ coplanar. 3. TQ and QT are _____________ the same line. 4. Two lines that lie in parallel planes are _________________ parallel. 5. Two lines in the same plane are _________________ parallel. 6. Two opposite rays ______________ form a line. . 7. Two planes that do not intersect are _____________ parallel. 8. Two lines in intersecting planes are ____________ skew. 9. AX and XA are _________________ the same segment.
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Unformatted text preview: 10. Two parallel lines are ______________ coplanar. 11. GH and HG are __________________ the same ray. 12. Three points are ________________ coplanar. 13. Two planes ________________ intersect in only one point. 14. A plane containing two points of a line _______________ contains the entire line. 15. Two lines _________________ meet in more than one point. 16. A line and a point are _______________ coplanar. 17. Two points are _____________________ collinear. . 18. Two segments are _________________ coplanar. 19. Parallel lines are ________________ skew....
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