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Detailed Semester Final Review and cheat sheet

Detailed Semester Final Review and cheat sheet - Detailed...

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Detailed Semester Final Review real numbers – natural, whole, integers, rational, irrational, etc… graph a number on the number line compare quantities using >,<,= evaluate expressions for a given variable simplify by combining like terms solve for an indicated variable (many variables) solve and graph inequalities and compound inequalities absolute value equations and inequalities (extraneous solutions) probability (theoretical and experimental) functions (domain and range) vertical line test forms of linear equations (point-slope, slope-intercept, and standard * (make sure A is positive) find slope between two points write equations for lines parallel or perpendicular going through a specific point direct variation (y=kx) linear modeling (remember that y is the dependent variable) absolute value translations y = |x – h| + k write equation for parent function graphing linear inequalities graphing absolute value inequalities
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