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Defining Race and Ethnicity

Defining Race and Ethnicity - comes from the way we are...

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AXIA ETH/125 Defining Race and Ethnicity Check Point Week one
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Defining Race and Ethnicity is a complex subject; many people have their own ideas of this subject. This will explain what it means to me in my everyday life. The term race to me is nothing but a word to me even though there are obvious differences, such as the color of our skin, or our features and our type of hair. There’s no difference because all people are made the same, may have different looks and skin tone, but we are the same under God. Ethnicity, this is the way we group people by there background. The color of the skin may be black, but that does not necessarily mean the person is black, he or she can be from anywhere in the country. Ethnicity also
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Unformatted text preview: comes from the way we are raised and the things we do as far as tradition. The importance of these concepts are, people will try to down grade you just to make themselves feel good or just to impress others at the time by cracking jokes. The use of ethnicity is used for many different reasons in the United States, the section is on just about every application you fill out, why its on there I do not know, what difference does it make what color or ethnicity you are. All people should be created equal no matter what. The terms are used everywhere you go, I think we should treat all people equally no matter what type of background they come from....
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Defining Race and Ethnicity - comes from the way we are...

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