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Tools At Dirt Bikes - Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes IT/205...

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Internet Tools at Dirt Bikes IT/205 Derrik Green Week 4
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Communication is important to any relationship, even more critical in a business. Proper communication, without it a business can miss opportunities, increase its expense, or even detrimentally harm the company to the point of closing its operations. Some key recommendations to improve this communication while managing the costs include installation of an internet portal on the company’s network, some additional internet tools, and implementation of wireless access. Intranet site have been around for a number of years, but until recently have been integrated into the existing systems to provide at-a-glance information. Intranet sites were originally established to save time, increased productivity by having a one stop location to find the required information, forms, and procedures as well as allow employees to share files, or even calendars. Since these are relayed upon to save time and increase productivity, they can be also be relayed upon to save money. Labor is normally considered to be any business’s single largest, controllable expense; therefore any increase in productivity contributes to the bottom line. The fullest potential is realized when employees utilize the intranet faithfully.
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