Testing A Theory - attention in class, not doing her work,...

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Testing a theory I cannot say that I have ever had to do this but my daughter has a condition which we all know as ADHD attention deficit hyper disorder. She contracted this from an accident when she around two years old. Her grandmother accidentally ran over her in the driveway. To make a long story short she lost a little part of her brain. Now she has to make medicine daily to keep her from straying away from what she is doing at the time. So the time she was living with me when her mom was gone overseas I did a little experiment on her medication. Personally I did not think the medicine was working so I took her off the medicine for a week. This was a big mistake on my part. As she went to school through the week she had a note come home everyday from the teacher. She was just acting up everyday, was not paying
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Unformatted text preview: attention in class, not doing her work, talking, not following directions. This was not like my daughter; her grades in class were dropping. So I had to make a decision. The following week I put her back on her medication everything was back to normal I see now I was wrong about the medicine. The medicine actually works and keeps her attention right where it needs to be. I do not give it to her on the weekends because it turns her into a zombie in my opinion. So if I had to do it differently I would have gave her that medicine and there would not have been a problem with her or anything in school, I was wrong. I can not take my actions back I honestly made a mistake but now I will not do that again....
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Testing A Theory - attention in class, not doing her work,...

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