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Challenges of a Paper

Challenges of a Paper - A persuasive essay is written...

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Unformatted text preview: A persuasive essay is written material which t ries to persuade the reader to think in the same manner. This should not be a challenging task for most of us have the power of persuasion. A few challenges can arise though when trying to write a persuasive essay. First of all finding topics to debate can be kind of hard. It should be obvious to us since we are adults; we should know that what we write about should be debatable. We as students sometimes write about things that are really not persuasive topics at all. So topics that present only one strong side offer little opportunity for persuasion. Such topics saying that we need cleaner streets are not debatable, because most of us would agree. Arguing how to get cleaner streets will spark a debate. A good way for us to find topics would be to brainstorm the issues that have two strong sides. Another challenge that can arrive is understanding both sides of the issue. We sometimes pick topics that we are passionate about which makes it hard for us to see the other side of the issue. So we should make sure about which makes it hard for us to see the other side of the issue....
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