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Complete an Outline - should not use credit cards I will...

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Thesis (part of paragraph 1): Most Americans should not use credit cards. I Support point 1 (paragraph 2): This will Intel less debt for many Americans. II III A. Stay away from debt IV B. It's a scam for banks to make a ton of money off people V C. Not a fan of credit cards. VI VII Support point 2 (paragraph 3): Credit cards are not for everyone. VIII IX A. Credit Cards are advertised heavily to kids just turning 18 X B. Interest rates are very high XI C. Need to understand how credit cards work XII XIII Support point 3 (paragraph 4): Paying with cash is a better option. A. Fees are to high for credit cards. B. Credit card numbers can fall in the wrong hands. C. Identity theft is an issue. Conclusion (paragraph 5): Credit cards are leading Americans into debt they do not need. With sequencing my paragraphs this way I will be able to explain the reasons why I believe Americans
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Unformatted text preview: should not use credit cards. I will use all of these points to get my point of view across to my audience. Credit cards are leading more Americans into debt everyday. The companies are targeting young adults to get them in debt. Cash is a better option for everyone, credit card numbers can fall into the wrong hands which lead to identity theft, and people using your card for their purchases. My order of paragraphs are in a way that will help me to get my point across so that I can persuade my audience to take my side. Credit cards are a big issue in society today and we need to get it under control so more Americans will be able to stay out of debt in this aspect of financial planning. I II...
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