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As with any paper, there can be a number of changes that help with revising it. These changes can range from moving paragraphs around for a better flow to fixing small grammatical errors. The first thing I would change in the paper, The Dark Knight , is to combine some of the paragraphs so it looks more organized. A paragraph normally contains four to six sentences, yet most of the paragraphs in the paper only contain two or three. Another change would be to rephrase the first two sentences of the paper. There is no support that proves the movie was the most popular film of 2008, which leaves it as just an opinion. I would also go back through and proof the paper to find and correct errors in grammar along with spelling. Just in the first two paragraphs, there are errors, such as, using ‘’it’s’’ to show possession and not using commas properly. That doesn’t even include a misspelled ‘’successful’’ close to the end of the paper. Something else I realized in the paper is the reference to Wikipedia as a source. That site is not a
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