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Rough Draft - Credit cards do not necessarily...

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Credit cards do not necessarily represent “money” in a buyer’s bank account, but are an undertaking to pay money which a person may not have. This is why I think that Most Americans should not use credit cards. Credit cards are a big issue in society today and we should take the initiative to get it under control so more Americans will be able to stay out of debt in this aspect of financial planning. Cash is a better option for everyone, credit card numbers can fall into the wrong hands which lead to identity theft, and people using your card for their own personnel use. (Dave Ramsey) states in a study of “Cash vs. Credit cards” McDonalds found that people spent 47% more when using credit instead of cash. As we all can see that this is leading Americans into more debt and possibly even bankruptcy. Cash is a better choice for all Americans. Although cash often time takes more effort to track effectively, it does a wonderful job of simplifying our overall accounts. There are so many different credit cards out here
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