HUM 176 FINAL - My name is Derrik green and I am the Chief...

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My name is Derrik green and I am the Chief Editor of a metropolitan daily newspaper. I have high expectation for my writers and the stories they cover on a daily basis. My writers do a very good job at covering the stories I assign to them. There are a few unrealistic expectations I have for them to accomplish with limited resources in a very small amount of time. Writers can also have equally unrealistic expectations about what they’re capable of providing given their knowledge of the story. I came to find out one of my reporters was fabricating stories. What should I do? How will I fix this situation? A few weeks into my examination of my writer Richard, my journalists have found evidence of Richard fabricated substantial amounts of stories approximately six times, he copied almost 30 quotes and passages from other newspapers, he also fibbed in conferences for the newspaper and conspired to lead the investigators in the wrong direction examining the situation. One major story Richard wrote about was a suicide bomber on an airplane was found out to be untrue. Richard actually told the readers that he saw the bomber on the airplane. Richards’s explanations of stories he reported on around the world were subsequently contradicted by phone, hotel and other records that should have confirmed them. Richard’s conduct represents a betrayal of public trust. If we can’t trust our reporters who can we trust? Should I fire the reporter for lack of
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HUM 176 FINAL - My name is Derrik green and I am the Chief...

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