Quality Rosa Flores week one

Quality Rosa Flores week one - Quality 1 Quality Rosa L....

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Quality 1 Quality Rosa L. Flores Quality Management and Productivity/MGT/449 April 19, 2010 Prof. James Montevago
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Quality 2 Quality In the following paragraphs the reader will be able to understand the meaning of quality, what are the elements of quality, and the reason for these elements importance in today’s environment. The reader will also learn how a quality pioneer made use of the total quality elements, and became successful. As define in the textbook Quality Management for Organizational Excellence, quality is an active or dynamic condition linked with products, people, services, environments, and processes, which surpass or at least meet expectations, while helping in the production of greater worth. However, individuals must keep in mind that no one universal definition exists for quality. Quality will always be in the eye of the beholder. However, the similarity in the definitions allows some of the most important elements of quality to be mentioned, and defined in the following lines. Elements The Dynamic State- This element demonstrates that the principles of quality can change depending on the outside circumstances, and on the lapse of time. Product, services, people, processes, and environments – The textbook explains that this element is vital because it establishes that quality not only covers product, and the service given, but it includes the public, and process that provides them as well as the circumstances in which they are given. Therefore, in short term two opposing parties that concentrate in making a
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Quality Rosa Flores week one - Quality 1 Quality Rosa L....

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