Delegation - Delegation 1 Delegation Wilma E Padin...

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Delegation Delegation Wilma E. Padin University of Phoenix MGT/330 CHARMAINE PERKINS 2nd Week Assignment 1
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Delegation I will speak about what Delegation is. I will define it and describe how it affects the different aspects of management like; planning, organizing, leading and/or delegation. Using my organization as an example and after meeting with my supervisor we discussed what delegation is; and how affects his role as a manager, the way he approaches the different objectives and every aspect of management within the organization. What is delegation? According Wikipedia; is the handing of a task over to another person, usually a subordinate. Is the assignment of authority and responsibility to another person to carry out specific activities. Allows a subordinate to make decisions based on, his or her judgment. Why delegate? Management needs to delegate in order to accomplish different tasks and/ or objectives that many times are either requested by upper management or they are one of the different daily duties that their specific department has been assigned with. To delegate is to assign different tasks to and individual or a group. Management is looking for individuals with experience and desire to learn. In my organization, for example; they have a rigorous training in equipment knowledge that every employee must complete. This is done for every one to be familiar with the different equipment and to give the employees one more tool when working on company assignments or with customers. Knowledge is empowering. When management is looking for an individual to complete a
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Delegation - Delegation 1 Delegation Wilma E Padin...

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