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Interactive Simulation - customers and the employees...

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Planning Strategically Interactive Simulation Planning Strategically Wilma E. Padin University of Phoenix MGT/330 CHARMAINE PERKINS 3rd Week Assignment 1
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Planning Strategically a. What are some factors that influence strategic, tactical, operational, and contingency planning? Staffing is the biggest factor in all of these. Finding the people with the right skills to match the needs of the company is difficult. The next biggest factor is that customer surveys and customer service. There is no time to wait for revenue reports to catch up the business. Revenue reports tell us about the past but not about what will happen. In addition, surveys give us information on the value of our relationships with our customers. For tactical planning the experience of the manager combined with the information received from surveys, reports and analysis. The company will be able to accurately forecast the business accordingly. The processes are continually changing to meet the ever changing needs of the
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Unformatted text preview: customers and the employees. Operationally; employee’s need all the tools they require to be able to do their job. The planning has to be implemented and also have a back up plan. Contingency planning is done in a project format. Stakeholders meet and the company is evaluated by the response of the year before. There is a project manager to which report regularly on the progress. b. What is management’s function in strategic planning? To discuss with executive management and team members the role of everyone and how they can better serve customers and employees. Employing all resources available to make changes that are need it, and agree that the company is working on a good strategy. Listening to issues, concerns and complaints; and bring solutions to those things to the attention of the executives . 2...
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Interactive Simulation - customers and the employees...

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