Exit strategies - Exit Strategies For Cotton Express the...

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Exit Strategies For Cotton Express the importance of creating an exit plan is a part of the company’s business practice, regardless of the stage of growth Cotton Express may be in, or the type of economic situation present. Cotton Express management has analyzed the options for a final sale or transfer of the company’s ownership, and control. The company has considered in their analysis possible issues such as taxes, and business implications of each exit strategy. Designing an exit strategy years in advance allows the company to support daily operations, and daily decisions with a final goal in mind. Therefore, the company’s advance thinking can make a difference between success and failure of Cotton Express exit from Taiwan. By planning the exit with enough time will also bear weight in how well the company will be able to protect their capital. Cotton Express has carefully, and thoroughly research, and analyzed the different exit strategies available to the company. Some of the possible exit strategies are: divestiture of assets, diversification, shutdown operations, handover the company to a joint venture partner, and liquidation. A brief explanation of each exit strategy is given in the following paragraphs:
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Exit strategies - Exit Strategies For Cotton Express the...

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